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Exercise Executive Functions with GAB-on!

Executive functions are your brain tools to help you organize and act on information. GAB-on! helps consolidate what a child learns in school by recall and reflection, causing cognitive growth through the development and strengthening of neural connections. 

Executive function includes:

  • Organizing and prioritizing, time management

  • Focusing, maintaining attention, and flexible thinking

  • Starting and staying on task

  • Using working memory (non-verbal and verbal) to recall information

  • Emotional self-regulation

GAB-on! will provide support for students with executive function challenges by
providing hints to replay their day in their head until they recall the event that their GAB refers to.
— SPED Elementary Teacher, RI

A student's busy day at school.

A Student's Busy Day at School

Students with Executive Functioning challenges may only remember parts of their day.

Students With Executive Functioning Challenges Struggle

GABs provide the clues that support students to recall moments in their day and they are able to share these stories with family. 

Students Use GAB to recall memories