Sample GAB-on! letter

This is our sample letter you can submit to your child’s teacher to get GAB-on! in your classroom.

Be sure to replace the following:

  • Teacher’s Name

  • Child’s Name

  • Your Name

Dear Ms./Mr. (teacher’s name),

At home we are working on better family communication with (child’s name). One area of focus is conversation about what’s going on in school day-to-day. We believe that conversations about the school day create a bridge between home and school, cause reflective learning, and improve academics.

To help this endeavor, we would like to try a platform called GAB-on! and hope you will support our effort. “GAB-on! sparks conversations that require students to summarize information, recall events, and present information, allowing what might be otherwise ‘small moments’ in school to be bigger conversations at home.” ~4th Grade Teacher, RI

It is a simple platform - with (child’s name) inputting GABs daily via a tablet or computer at school. (GABs are 3 - 5 words that act as a hint or reminder of a lesson, activity or other event that has happened during the day that we can talk about at home.) An example of a GAB might be “read fish story” or “boom boom pow” or "Olympic visitor this morning”. You can also enter a GAB of your own for the family to talk about (this is optional). After school, we have access to the GABs via the GAB-on! app which reminds (child’s name) about her day and sparks conversation around the dinner table, in the car, on a walk, etc. Teachers currently using GAB-on! confirm that it takes students 2 minutes a day and teachers 30 seconds a day to input GABs.

The idea was developed by parents and built with teachers. Would you be willing to give it a try? You can learn more about it at

Thanks for everything you are doing to help (child’s name) thrive!

Warm regards,

(your name)