GAB-on! Conversation Pledge

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Having eye-to-eye conversations at least 3-4 times per week about your child’s school day because research tells us “The most accurate predictor of student achievement is the extent to which the family is involved in his or her education.” ~ Anne Henderson, Nancy Berle


When your child reads a GAB, they may immediately respond with “I don’t remember this.”  That is both an honest and completely understandable response. Let them take a minute or two to mentally retrace their steps through the school day and, most often the result is “Aha! Now I remember.”  The more consistency and daily practice of GAB’ing, the more they remember.


Keep it simple. Not boring

The GABs are tiny hints that remind your child about a particular event in their day.  As your child reads a GAB and starts to explain the activities that lead up to and surround that event, it’s amazing what other details and activities you hear about too.  A simple GAB is needed for recall but it can grow into an amazing retelling of something discovered, accomplished and awesome about their day.


Make room for the GAB’er

When you have more than one child eager to share their GABs, sometimes they can start talking over one another.  One of the most satisfying (and self-esteem building) characteristics of the GAB-on! platform is that the GAB’er owns the floor.  It is his/her time to share their experience with no interruptions, no one talking over them, no struggle for control of the conversation….  Don’t worry, everyone gets their turn to GAB!


Don’t let distance or absence get in the way

The GAB-on! platform is accessible anywhere you are, even if you’re traveling and your child is at the dinner table.  You’re only a phone call and one GAB away!

Go with the flow

You won’t complete all the GABs all the time.  And that’s okay. It’s better to hear and talk about one GAB then to not GAB at all.  It’s about taking the time, listening, and connecting around your child’s day. Do what works for your family each day.

Have fun with it!

GAB on.