People talking about GAB-on!


“GAB-on! is the first platform that links a child’s school day to a conversation starter at home.”

— Tech & Learning

“There is a lot of science-based evidence about communicating with your child … In reality, the sooner kids start having conversations with their parents, the better off everyone is.”

— Rhode Island Inno

"Demonstrating how technology can create a bond between people instead of a border."

— The Bay Magazine

"They are using this life experience as an asset to help create change in the community."

— Social Enterprise Greenhouse Accelerator Program

"Giving families a chance to connect through conversation."

— Social Enterprise Greenhouse

"It allows what might be otherwise considered 'small moments' in school to be bigger conversations at home."

— Public Business News, RI

"Stronger teacher-student relationships, expanded parental involvement, and increased student motivation."

— Rhode Island Parent Magazine

“We are honored to recognize these influential individuals and innovative companies.”

— Providence Business News, RI

"They're not just maintaining the status quo; they're changing everything for the better. It's about time we put these innovators in the limelight." 

— RI Monthly Magazine