Families talking. About school. Every day.

Before GAB

Before GAB-on!

Using GAB

Using GAB-on!


GAB-on! dramatically improves student engagement and academic success in school through student-led conversations at home. We get families talking , about school, every day — bridging the gap between school and home.

GAB-on! is a student-led, student-managed platform that harnesses parent engagement, cultivates a child’s academic, social, and emotional learning, and causes cognitive growth through consistent conversations with their families about their day in school. It's not a report from a teacher or the school, it's family conversation.

 Students take 2 minutes per day at school to enter GABs (hints) about lessons, an activity, or event from their day.  The teacher takes 30 seconds to also enter a GAB.  This content is a prompt that reminds a student about events in their day and sparks a conversation at home.  There is so much that happens during a child's day that they genuinely can't remember or decide which part to talk about or how to start a conversation.  The "aha' moment when a child reads a GAB that triggers recall of their day is incredible - and it leads to enlightening and surprising conversation. 

Student-in-the-Loop™ Communications
Kids create content (GABs) in school, then parents hear their excitement about their day from them.  

A few words that a student creates to remind  them about lessons and events during their day.  After school they are conversation starters.