Our Story

Does this sound familiar?

After a 7 hour school day with 6 subjects, projects, social gatherings, guest speakers.....  nothin’.  Really?!

We were grateful to receive weekly teacher emails with class updates, school newsletters, and reports cards.  But we were missing our kids' details and perspective of their day.  We were interested in what our kids were doing in school, how they were grasping a new math skill, how they tackled a science investigation, and what new project they were involved with. We wanted a conversation with our kids to hear their excitement about their day from them!   

We decided to spark a conversation movement.

We developed the GAB-on! platform with Student-in-the-Loop™ Communications where the student creates and enters content called GABs (hints) about their school day. The fun part is that, when a parent reads a GAB, you will still not have a clue what has happened in your child’s day.  You see, it’s all about them remembering their day, encouraging conversations, and hearing it from your child.  While sitting around your dinner table or riding together in the car or walking the dog or connecting by phone when away, you can access GAB-on! and have your child read their GABs of the day and share with you the details and stories behind each of the hints.  The daily reply of “Nothin’” has turned into “Oh ya, you should have seen…..” and more of “Did you know that…….” followed by “It was so cool when…….”.  Our mission is for kids to be able to remember and eagerly share their day with you, to delete “Fine” and “Nothin’” out of the conversation, and to encourage family connections (and GAB’bing)!